A walk in the woods

Ever since we moved ‘out in the woods’ we never cease to be amazed by the incredible views we’re witnessing; it’s absolutely amazing … I can’t believe we’ve lived as much as we did deep in the city when all this time we could have made a wiser move in all respects and live closer to nature.

These photos were taken during a walk by the Mälaren shore in the Viksjö area and in the nature reserve at Säby Gård.

Kalmar – Öland trip

More often than not we discover the most beautiful sights on the least promising trips… in this case, a weekend getaway to Öland. So far I thought the most beautiful place in Sweden was Gotland, but I was wrong; it is actually Öland (especially the southern part).

At least for now … there’s more to explore. 🙂 Here are some shots from Kalmar and Öland, including Kalmar Slott, Ektorp fortress, Borgholm Castle, Long Erik and Trollskogen.

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