Walking around Copenhagen

This month we went for a weekend trip to Copenhagen.

I had no idea what the city was going to be like but I didn’t expect it to be too far away from other Scandinavian cities I had seen. And this was not far from the truth, even though I could notice the influence of its Southern neighbors in the variety of advertisements, services and products available when compared to Sweden for example; and it looked a bit more crammed and messier as well. But overall it’s a very charming city.

The weather was cold and it rained quite a lot on one of the days we were there; but there’s no bad weather, as the Scandinavians say, only ugly clothes 🙂 …

We stayed outside the city center, in the newer neighborhood close to the airport and took the unmanned subway to the center every day, which was quite nice because we got to see some of the modern architecture on display with the new developments.

We spent a lot of time walking around the city, but we didn’t really feel like we got a sense of it until we did a food walking tour with a great guide that made it all much more enjoyable (http://www.cphfoodtours.dk/).

Until next time … here are some photos:

Marathon day in Stockholm

Today was a sunny day so we decided to go for a walk in the city. As it turned out it was a perfect day for the Stockholm Half Marathon as well as for a biking race. Here are some random photos.

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