Fall and winter impressions

Here are a number of collages with some of the more ‘moody’ photos I took over a couple of months. Some are nature photos, some are themed window displays and some are from a gingerbread house exhibition at the Center for design and architecture.

Collages are my new ‘thing’ since I discovered a nifty little free photo editor that allows me to quickly edit my photos in more than a few interesting ways.

There’s more to come soon! 🙂

Skeppsholmen walk and a visit to the JP Gaultier exhibition

It’s been a while since I went for a walk in the center since I have more important tasks at hand nowadays, but today’s trip was a nice happening. It was a nice day, with a slight cloudy sky, so we decided to go out somewhere for a stroll and enjoy what is most likely one of the last few days of summer. Where to go though? We’ve recycled most of our favorite cozy destinations, so we wanted something that at least seemed new, if not the real thing. And since I had been planning for weeks to visit the Gaultier exhibition at a museum in town, we decided to go for a visit and also pay a visit to the French bakery while we were at it. Said and done!

This time I used my old Canon Power Elf SD 300 (from 2005), since I had forgotten to empty the memory card of my new Sony ‘toy’. The Canon still holds and did an amazing job; at least that’s what I think 🙂

Here’s the view from Skeppsholmen – where the Arkitektur och Design Centrum (museum) is located.

Here are some shots from the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition: