Summer is a beautiful thing

It’s not summer anymore by the time I’m writing this, but it feels really nice thinking about it and knowing it’s only a few months away … we’ve had a calm and nice summer, rather a cold one; but it hasn’t stopped us from going on day trips and making the best out of it.

Sigtuna has been a favourite, with the beautiful walkway along the shore and the delicious desserts at R&C cafe; same with Säby Gård, surrounded by the peaceful green landscape of the natural reserve.

But the highlight of this summer must have been the trips to Kungsbyn, the animal park in Västerås. A quiet but surprisingly entertaining nature park, tucked away in miles and miles of green fields in the countryside.

I was really impressed by the huge size of the park, as we felt a bit lost during our first walk around it … the animals have space to move and hide if they so wish and they seem to be really well taken care of; and the food tasted hands down better than any other ‘attraction’ in the region (I’m not including the food at the Moderna Museet here… that’s a separate class :)…). A lot of the pictures with animals are from there.

Skansen was another place we visited, since I really like the village vibe it has even though it’s so close to the city center; but now that we found Kungsbyn I have a feeling we’ll more often than not choose to go there rather than Skansen.

Then we got a kids trailer for the bike and explored the green areas in our neighborhood; I’m afraid there won’t be too many left by the way the construction pace has increased in the past few years.

All in all this year has been about family and this is reflected in most of the pictures I’ve taken, since very few of them don’t include people. It’s been a great year and we’ve had great times. These are some of the things I noticed in between 🙂



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Heading South to Malmö

Whenever an opportunity arises I enjoy driving around Sweden. Especially towards the South. The landscape is so refreshing and serene and in most parts it seems almost untouched by the human civilization that carves its ways around it. It clears your head, if nothing else, and it should get an award for that.

All that being said, I haven’t taken so many pictures on the way to Malmö this time around, mostly because I was tired after a day of work and also because we got a lot of rain on the way down. Here are some shots from around Malmö, both from going down and coming back.

A walk in the woods

Ever since we moved ‘out in the woods’ we never cease to be amazed by the incredible views we’re witnessing; it’s absolutely amazing … I can’t believe we’ve lived as much as we did deep in the city when all this time we could have made a wiser move in all respects and live closer to nature.

These photos were taken during a walk by the Mälaren shore in the Viksjö area and in the nature reserve at Säby Gård.

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