Fall and winter impressions

Here are a number of collages with some of the more ‘moody’ photos I took over a couple of months. Some are nature photos, some are themed window displays and some are from a gingerbread house exhibition at the Center for design and architecture.

Collages are my new ‘thing’ since I discovered a nifty little free photo editor that allows me to quickly edit my photos in more than a few interesting ways.

There’s more to come soon! 🙂

A lovely village called Tonning

Getting closer to home, we decided to stop in Tonning – a charming fishing village in Northern Germany, so close to the sea that you could smell the salt in the breeze and boasting a series of levees as well as a flood wall and gate for some of the houses (parts of the village were under the sea level). It was quite an interesting sight.

We got there in the afternoon when the tide was low and the rain was about to start and finding something to eat was a bit of a challenge due to the limited dining options, but we managed in the end. And as the rain didn’t last long, we decided to take a long walk around the village just as the local were gathering for a movie screening in a backyard next to the marina.

Here are some photos:


Valborg, or spring is officially here

Valborg was the only Swedish holiday I hadn’t properly celebrated until this year, when we decided to join the crowd at one of the designated places in Järfälla. The celebration started with looking for a place to park in an unusually full parking lot out in the countryside, continued with a coffee plus sandwich at the conveniently located cafe and a surprisingly entertaining dance show, then peaked when a camp fire was suddenly lit, and ended with an amazing sunset, which reminded me for the millionth time of how much I love the landscape of this country, and of course – fireworks.

The meaning of the Valborg celebration was still confusing to me, even after the event, as no one really explained its context. However, as a colleague explained to me later, it is a celebration of the coming of spring. (Wikipedia puts more effort into describing it – here.)

Here are some photos:


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