A rainy day’s trip to a sunny side of Roslagen

Here are some photos from a road trip from Stockholm to Öregrund, Gräsö and back. It was a last minute trip to escape a rainy Stockholm which resulted in an amazing experience on the northern side of Roslagen. I can’t wait to go there again! 🙂

Valborg, or spring is officially here

Valborg was the only Swedish holiday I hadn’t properly celebrated until this year, when we decided to join the crowd at one of the designated places in Järfälla. The celebration started with looking for a place to park in an unusually full parking lot out in the countryside, continued with a coffee plus sandwich at the conveniently located cafe and a surprisingly entertaining dance show, then peaked when a camp fire was suddenly lit, and ended with an amazing sunset, which reminded me for the millionth time of how much I love the landscape of this country, and of course – fireworks.

The meaning of the Valborg celebration was still confusing to me, even after the event, as no one really explained its context. However, as a colleague explained to me later, it is a celebration of the coming of spring. (Wikipedia puts more effort into describing it – here.)

Here are some photos:


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